RED#1 [Featured project]

Duration: 1'
Format: Video HD
Synopsis: Red#1 is the first creation of a serie of performance films. Through dancing, body and color become one. A collaboration between Gustavo Mollo and Noemi Sjoberg.


- From 21-12-2015 to 04-01-2016 Show of the video Tehran at Kortfilmdagen, SL:s konstavdelning, curator Frida Cornell,Filmform, Skanstulls Metro station Stockholm (Sweden)

- December 18 to 21 "Woman. Equal and Different", from 6 to 10 PM, at the space ON ART - via B. Franklin - Testaccio, 25 Roma (Italy)

- January 2016 Show of Boat Istanbul, Train traveling Turquey, Campos, Majorca, Tokyo and Tehran at Videoblanket Shangai (China)